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Dorman L145BP
1958 Dorman L145BP generator is the “strongest ever built” according to Zimbabwean business owner of Harare-based Veldemeers Exquisite Belgian Chocolate. It is not very often that Dorman Diesels receives enquiries from Zimbabwean-Belgian fine chocolate manufacturers. A recent email from a business owner requesting a water pump for a 1958 Dorman L145BP was particularly interesting. Veldemeers Exquisite Belgian Chocolate was founded in 1997 (initially under the name of Chocolart), and for the first time in the
Ruston & Hornsby
As 2019 was drawing to a close, Lincoln Diesels came to the rescue to help a stricken South African farmer and his seized Ruston and Hornsby 6YDA engine. Although it was originally built in 1959, this 6YDA is a critical power source in the production of animal feed on his farm. He explains the situation in his recent enquiry to Lincoln Diesels: I am writing in desperation from South Africa. I am a farmer in
With focus and innovation, the maritime industry is systematically addressing its impact on long-term environmental concerns, with much change taking place in the next decade. Regulations are expanding out into the open sea amid lower sulphur emissions and tighter controls on wastewater management. With this in mind, can operators with older vessels continue to be compliant, and enjoy the benefits of new technologies that reduce the pollutants associated with shipping? One such technology is water
On a recent ferry crossing from Livorno to Olbia in Sardinia, I was interested to discover that our vessel (the MS Cruise Ausonia) is powered by a series of four Wärtsilä 46 12V46C diesel engines. It seems appropriate that this fast, modern vessel, should be powered by one of the most technologically advanced marine engines on the market. The crossing took me across the Tyrrhenian Sea which is ring-fenced by Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and Italy.
IMPA London 2019
With IMPA London 2019 only a stone’s throw from the hive of activity taking place around Whitehall surrounding Brexit, it is impossible to ignore the future of an industry that by its very nature is reliant on cross-border trade and operations. With a large attendance of European delegates, the mood at IMPA London 2019 was perhaps different to previous years. However, visitor numbers were high and there was still a sense of momentum and optimism.
Big Blue Ocean Cleanup Protection Project
As a supplier and promoter of smart technologies that mitigate the impact of micoplastics on the marine environment, Simplex-Turbulo is proud to support the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup (BBOC) Ocean Protection Project. The list of products supplied by Simplex-Turbulo includes ballast water management systems, condition monitoring equipment and oil filtration and purification apparatus. Now Simplex-Turbulo has also started to support BBOC. BBOC is a worldwide organisation that works to prevent and clean oceanic pollution and
In addition to the fast-approaching 2020 sulphur cap of 0.5%, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has set a 2024 D-2 standard deadline requirement for the correct discharge of ballast water. The IMO outlines the details for complying with the Ballast Water Management Convention in the infographic below: The IMO states that: While ballast water is essential for safe and efficient modern shipping operations, it may pose serious ecological, economic and health problems due to the
Diesel and Marine Group
From Newcastle to Spain, Lincoln to Germany, Wherwell to Poland, Diesel and Marine Group welcomed its staff from all across the UK and Europe to its headquarters last week. This was the first time that some staff had met each other face to face, a process that can prove difficult due our displacement across Europe and beyond.   Clare Hogg, Director of Marketing and HR at Diesel Marine Group explains: As I’ve stated before, a
Andy Fenn delivering MAN L32/40 engine training to staff at Lincoln Diesels
Following a recent training course in the company workshop facilities, Lincoln Diesels maintains and extends its specialist knowledge of the MAN L32/40 land-based diesel engine. This makes Lincoln Diesels one of very few suppliers and service companies to know this engine inside and out. Training was delivered courtesy of Andy Fenn who has over 40 years of diesel engine experience. Having worked for MAN for 12 years in the training function, Andy is a specialist
Simplex Turbulo
Simplex-Turbulo welcomes Åge S. Wågene and positions itself as the authorised distributor for Wågene Purifiner technology in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal and Poland. Simplex-Turbulo is delighted to become the authorised distributor for Wågene Purifiner technology in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal and Poland. Our advancement into this unique filtration technology ensures that we continue to grow our portfolio of innovative and specialist suppliers to the marine, offshore, chemical, power generation, water, and

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