• Dorman SE – Technical Data

Dorman SE – Technical Data

Turbocharged, four stroke, premium specification water cooled diesel engines. Individual models are specified with either radiator or heat exchanger cooling for use in conjunction with remote radiators or cooling towers.


Bore: 160mm
Stroke: 190mm
Compression Ratio: 13:6:1
Rotation: Anti-clockwise(When viewed from the flywheel end): 6 SE         8 SE         12 SE         16 SE
Total Swept Volume (Litres):  22.92        30.56        45.84        61.12
Sump Oil Capacity (Litres): 113.4        137.0        159.0        191.0
Governing: To ISO 3046/4 (BS 5514). A1
Fuel specification: BS 2869 Class A1 + A2 or ASTM D975 No. 2D or equivalent


Note: In any proposals involving the use of fuel different from the above specification, an analysis of the proposed fuel should be forwarded to Dorman Diesels to enable suitable recommendations to be made regarding amended maintenance periods for engine and fuel injection equipment.

Full technical data is available on request to cover all aspects of engine specification and performance, installation and application.


Approximate Dimensions




Dorman SE dimensions diagram



In-line models

6 SE 8 SE
MM With Radiator Without Radiator With Radiator Without Radiator
A 2896mm 2346mm 3582mm 2693mm
AA 2714mm 1859mm 3130mm 2275mm
B 1296mm 1100mm 1855mm 1245mm
C 1804mm 1651mm 2286mm 1601mm
Approx weight Kgs.  









Vee form models

12 SE 16 SE
MM With Radiator Without Radiator With Radiator Without Radiator
X 4133mm 2845mm 4643mm 3355mm
W 3434mm 2146mm 3944mm 2656mm
Y 1752mm 1471mm 1752mm 1471mm
Z 2466mm 2466mm 2466mm 2466mm
Approx weight Kgs.  









Note: The above weights and dimensions are for guidance only. Exact sizes and weights will vary according to engine specification and are available on request.

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